Rules and Regulations


  1. Students are responsible for the cleanliness of body, rooms and classrooms

  2. Uniforms should be clean, neat and presentable

  3. Students are required to keep their hair short (number one) when coming back from off-weekends or holidays.


  1. Students should adhere strictly to the daily schedules and academic calendar at all times.

  2. The principal and teachers are responsible for the moral and practical life of the students. They have the right to discipline them.

  3. Disobeying instructions is an offense.

Prohibited items

  1. Cigarettes and any sorts of tobacco

  2. Cellular phones (students may keep in touch with their parents via the public phone at the madrasah)

  3. Radios and electronic games

  4. Comics, magazines and un-Islamic literatures or cassettes

Please note: By enrolling the child, parents have agreed that confiscated prohibited items are not returnable. It will be given to charity.


  1. Each student will be allocated to his room. Students should use rooms allocated to them.

  2. They should not unnecessarily enter other rooms.

  3. No person will be allowed to be brought into the boarding without prior consent of the personnel in charge or the principal.

  4. Beds and pillows should be covered with blue bed sheets and blue pillow cases.


Blue bedsheets and pillow cases


- White jubah [length: below the knees but above the ankles]
- White tee shirt [to be worn beneath the jubah]
- White pants [length: below the knees but above the ankles]
- White headgear (kopiah)
- Kain pelekat (sarong/lunggi)

A student should posses 3 sets of the above uniform.
Uniforms are to be worn during classes and prayer times.    
Uniforms are also to be worn when coming to and leaving the madrasah.

Casual clothing

Plain tee shirt [colour: grey, blue, black only; without a single line or print]
- Trousers  [Track suit only; three quarters is NOT allowed]
- Students are required to to wear black Kufiah during sport
Students are required to wash their own clothes; they should use their own washing equipments.
Sleepwear and sport outfit should NOT be tight; they should be of modest and respectable nature. 
Jeans and clothings of western culture are not allowed.

Madrasah Al-Hikmah reserves the right to amend the above policies.

Basic Necessities


Blue Bed sheet (see No.2)


Big pail (clothes) (see No.2)

Blue Pillowcase (see No.2)











Cup (preferably not glassware)

Clothes detergent


Scrubbing brush (clothes)



*Water bottle






*3 in 1 drinks



White Jubah


School bag

White Kopiah

Pencil case


Basic stationeries

Kain pelekat (sarong)

Plastic book wrappers

White trousers



Daily & Sports clothing





Suitcase/box for storage in store room

*Bathroom slipper



*Dictionary (Eng-Mal/Mal-Eng)


*Alarm clock


1- Items marked * are optional.

2- These items are to be bought from the Madrasah.

3- Items should be marked with students name/initials to avoid mix ups/misunderstandings.

4- Clothing and items with pictures of animals, cartoon characters or any animate objects are strictly prohibited.

5- Students are advised not to use high end brand named items as it usually results in unhealthy competition amongst students.

6- Mattress and locker are provided. Students are advised not to bring unnecessary items as storage spaces are limited.

7- Please ensure clothing are in accordance to the following:

a) Jubah : Plain white.

Length should NOT be below the ankles.

b) Shirts : Underneath shirts for classes should only be whites.

c) Pants : Loose, not see through, not denim, full length.