Daily Schedules



  1. Please adhere strictly to the academic calendar.

  2. All are expected to plan family vacations or Umrah trip that it takes place during holiday.

  3. To avoid any ill feeling due to refusal, all are advised not to request for any extra holiday, except if;

            -The student is ill

             - or an immediate family member passes away.

General Weekend

  1. In Madrasah Al Hikmah, the weekend is Sunday only

  2. On Sunday, parents are allowed to visit their children at Madrasah premise only.

  3. Students are allowed to go out with their own parents between Asar and 7 pm on Sunday.  

  4. No one is allowed to take anyone else's child out for any weekend or holiday.

Weekend Off

  1. Monday to Saturday are official study days in Madrasah Al Hikmah.

  2. Weekend Off is a long weekend where a Saturday is added to the Sunday break. 

  3. Weekend Off begins on Friday after Jumaah prayer and ends on Sunday before 7.00pm. 

  4. Weekend Off is fixed and stipulated by the Madrasah as stated on the academic calendar. 

How to go home for Weekend Off?

  1. Only parents are allowed to take the students home for Weekend Off. 

  2. If parents permit their children to leave for the weekend with anyone else then the Madrasah should be informed.

  3. Students are not allowed to go home during other weekends.

  4. Students should be back in Madrasah from Weekend Off by Sunday before Maghrib (7:00 pm).

Long Holidays

  1. Parents or relatives MUST collect report cards and sign out for the student before long holidays.

  2. If the parents cannot come on the appointed time, then please contact us to inform;

           - the time the parents can come
           - or the parents cannot come and the students should take a public transport

  1. Expenses for public transport are on the student

  2. Public transport should be arranged by madrasah through VM Students Affair.

Staying back during Long Holidays

  1. Students who reside at the madrasah during a long holiday are bound by the rules and regulation of the madrasah.

    2. Permission should be sought from VM Student Affairs to leave and enter the premise.

    3. Leaving/entering the premise during a long holiday should be recorded in the register provided at the surau.

    4. Outsiders are not permitted to sign out students nor spend the night at Madrasah without permission from the VM Students Affair.